How to Ask for Financial Help

Most of us need financial help at one time or another in our lives. Whether you are going through a difficult time, or building a business from the ground up, there are some important points to remember when requesting financial help.

How to Ask for Financial Help

Step 1

Identify your real need. People and businesses are often willing to help if you can clearly define your actual need. This may be help with a car payment, or requiring funds to build a new playground at your school. Perhaps you require a loan to purchase equipment for a new business. If you are clear about what you need, this helps to keep your request focused.

Step 2

Maintain a sense of humility. Regardless of how frustrated you are with your circumstances, don't let it become a chip on your shoulder. Don't make demands or assumptions that everyone must help you. It's o.k. to be scared, frustrated or saddened by circumstances. But don't direct this at the lender, especially if they are unable to help you.

Step 3

Have a plan. Explain how you are prepared to change your circumstances. A plan with goals conveys you are working your way up, not spiraling down further. People don't want to feel you are requesting an infinite amount of help with no end in sight.

Step 4

Express gratitude. Thank people for their time. If someone can't help you, don't assume they don't want to. Being gracious for anything you receive--even if it is just an ear--may lead to help coming from a different source. Always send a "thank you" note and offer what help you can in return for any help you received.