How to Buy Procter & Gamble Stock With a Direct Purchase Plan

Obtain and review the prospectus for the program. The prospectus will describe the terms and conditions of the sale.

Fill out an application. You will need the same information you need to open a bank account. This includes a social security number or taxpayer ID. Applicants can be individuals, charities or trusts. If it's for a trust, the trust must be included with the application.

Fund your account. The minimum initial investment for a SIP is $250. This can be paid with a check or money order. If you are a current shareholder, the minimum amount is a $50.

Review administrative fees and commission. Unlike DIPs, the P&G SIP does charge fees and commissions. There is no fee for enrollment or dividend reinvestment, however, the sales fee is $15 and $7.50 if requested online, plus $0.12 per share.