How to Buy The Cheapest Silver

100 Troy Ounces of .999 Fine Silver

Silver comes in bar and coin form. Each type is priced differently per ounce. Find out which is right for you!

Step 1

When it comes to buying silver, there are a lot of choices out there. However, for the investor, the choice is usually easy, you want the most silver for the least cost. So, why pay more per ounce than you have to?

Step 2

Usually, the least expensive way to purchase silver is in 100 oz. bars. The reason is pretty simple; it takes less work to make one 100 oz. bar than 100 1 oz. bars or coins. Coins such as American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Mapleleafs and Chinese Silver Pandas have a high premium and are not the best way to go if all you want is bulk silver. 100 oz. silver bars are normally available for about $1 over the spot price per ounce whereas the coins mentioned above can range from $2 to $4 over spot per ounce.

Step 3

As you can see, that extra premium eats up a lot of investment capital. With silver at $14.50 per ounce, a 100 oz. bar would cost you $1,550 plus delivery. However, the coins would cost anywhere from $16.50 to $18.50 each, plus delivery!

Step 4

As a precious metals dealer for 32 years, my advice is to buy the bars. They are easy to transport, easy to handle (6" x 3" x 1"), easy to keep (tarnish doesn't matter), and always liquid.


Only purchase "COMEX ACCEPTABLE BARS". Off-brand bars are usually discounted when you go to sell them. Buy from a reputable dealer. Take delivery of your bars, do not store them with the seller.