How to Apply for a Credit Card With a $10,000 Limit

Gold or platinum credit cards often have $10,000 credit limits.

When you have a credit card with a $10,000 limit, you have a lot of buying power. If the credit card also offers additional benefits such as airline miles or bonuses, you can earn a lot of rewards by charging as many purchases as possible. Although your current credit card issuers might be willing to raise your limit, you might want to simply apply for a new high-limit card. It's a simple process as long as you are willing to do some research into the right cards and your own credit reports.

Step 1

Choose a high-limit credit card that is likely to give you a $10,000 credit limit. Typically, you will need to apply for a Gold or Platinum Visa or MasterCard to get such a high limit. Besides a high limit, these cards might also offer cash-back rewards or airline miles, so look for one that offers the best additional benefits.

Step 2

Request a copy of your credit report from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Under the law, they must give you a free copy once each year. You will need an excellent credit history to apply for a credit card with a $10,000 limit. You'll be able to determine whether it is good enough by reviewing your reports.

Step 3

Dispute any negative information on your credit reports that appears to be incorrect. If the credit bureau cannot verify the accuracy of the negative information, it must take it off your report. This will improve your credit score and boost your chances of getting a credit card with a $10,000 limit when you apply for it.

Step 4

Recheck your credit reports before applying for your high-limit credit card to make sure the negative information has been removed. This should be accomplished within 60 days.

Step 5

Send in the application for your preferred high-limit credit card, or fill out an application on the Internet. An Internet application may give you an instant response instead of having to wait for a mailed application to be processed. However, when you're applying for a $10,000 limit, even an Internet application may not be approved for several days.


If your application for a credit card with a $10,000 limit is turned down, you can apply for another card. However, you should not apply for more than two within a short period of time. Applying for too many cards in close proximity can hurt your credit rating. If the second application is turned down, wait at least six months before trying again.