How to Find a Car Boot Sale

Whether you are a shopper looking for a bargain, a collector looking for a treasure or a seller hoping to offload some unwanted household items, car boot sales are a fun way to spend a summer Saturday or Sunday. Finding a car boot sale is relatively easy, provided you have the time and patience to do bit of research.

Finding a car boot sale near you

Step 1

Check your local newspaper. Car boot sales are most often advertised here. Check the Thursday and Friday edition for sales that weekend. Make a note of location and hours, and whether there is an entrance fee or a seller's fee.

Step 2

Find car boot sale directories and guides on the Internet. These may not be as complete as your local paper, but are a good place to check, especially if you are looking for sales some time in the future. See "Resources" below for car boot sale guides. Fundraising car boot sales are often held in school and church parking lots or fields; check your local school and church online event calendars for upcoming car boot sales.

Step 3

Drive around your area. If you are prepared to make a day of it, you may find several car boot sales by looking for signs on street corners, utility poles or lampposts.


Check the starting times for the car boot sales you are interested in and try to arrive at starting time or just before. The selection will be best just when the sale is starting.

Assume cash-only for most carboot sale vendors, and bring small bills if possible as changing larger denominations can be difficult.

Things You'll Need

  • Local newspapers

  • Notepad and pencil


Car boot sale items are typically sold as-is, so examine carefully before purchasing. It is unlikely that there will be electrical outlets available to check appliances or electronics, so take extra care with those purchases.