How to Get Free Rental Agreements

Is your lease agreement free?

A good rental agreement is imperative for a positive landlord/tenant relationship. If you wish to lease out property, you may turn to online sources that offer free rental agreements rather than investing the time and research required to draft your own. Some of the rental agreement forms may be used to create legal contracts, but disclaimers that accompany others make it clear to the user that they are not legally binding.

Step 1

Log onto to the website Rental Ads for free rental agreement forms. Rental Ads offers a standard free rental agreement. You may select from agreements that are drawn to the specifications of the state in which your rental property is located.

Step 2

Go to 'Lectric Law Library for a free residential rental agreement you may copy and paste into a Word file. Use this as a starting point for your lease contract.

Step 3

Visit Forms Guru for a free rental agreement form. Use the form as a guideline to create your own lease contract.

Step 4

Go to the Free Legal Documents website for a free property rental agreement for house rentals. The website also provides a free lease agreement for apartment rentals.


Three of the four websites discussed in this article include observations of varying strength concerning the legality of forms and the recommendation to consult an attorney to ensure that any rental agreement you use is legally binding.