How to Make a Makeshift Clothes Rack for a Garage Sale

A garage or yard sale is a good way to raise money by selling the things you no longer use. When you lay your items out to sell, you do not want to put them on the ground. Small objects should be placed on tables, and clothing needs to be on hangers on a clothes rack. Most people, however, do not own portable clothes racks. You do not need to purchase one just for your garage sale. You can create a makeshift clothes rack with objects you likely have in your garage.


Step 1

Open the two 6-foot-tall stepladders so that they are standing upright.

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Step 2

Space the two ladders next to each other in your yard with about 3 feet between them. The steps of the ladders should be facing each other.


Step 3

Unscrew the broom handle from the broom or mop head. Place the broom head in a safe place to screw back onto the handle after the garage sale.

Step 4

Place the broom handle across the second from the top step on both stepladders. This will be the step that has the extended bucket holder on it.



Step 5

Use the duct tape to tape the ends of the broom handle to the step to keep the handle from slipping.

Step 6

Place the clothes on clothes hangers and hang them across the broom handle.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 6-foot-tall A-shaped folding stepladders

  • 1 broom or mop with handle

  • Duct tape

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