How to Make Cheap Scaffolding

Build your own scaffolding and save money.

Working on high structures such as walls, ceilings, and siding may be impossible without using a scaffold. Using a single extension ladder and moving it from location to location is not safe and time consuming. When working on high structures such as walls, ceilings, windows and siding, it's best to use a scaffolding. Many people do not use scaffolding because it's expensive and requires a lot of room to store. People do not realize you can build your own scaffolding and save money. The easiest and simplest way to make scaffolding is with two multipurpose extension ladders and a wooden board. This makes the work environment safer and saves you time and energy.


Step 1

Adjust the multipurpose extension ladders into the "A" position".

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Step 2

Place the multipurpose extension ladders 6 to 12 feet apart from each other (depends on size of board). The ladder rungs should face each other.


Step 3

Test the strength of your board by sliding each end on a low ladder rung. Make sure the board is level. Walk across the board slowly. It should bow slightly. If the board springs up and down it is not strong enough to hold your weight.


Step 4

Determine the height for the scaffolding and slide the ends of the board between the appropriate rungs. The board must be level or the ladders can tip over.


For additional support use a third multipurpose extension ladder in the middle of the wooden board.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 multipurpose extension ladders

  • 6- to 12-foot wooden board


Serious injury can occur if you fall. Test your board before adjusting it to actual height.

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