How to Consider Delivering Newspapers for Extra Income

Delivering newspapers is a lucrative position under the right circumstances. If you can handle working the hours necessary and can multitask, the position may work as a part-time job for you. You must decide if the position is worth the time commitment and expense. Jumping in head first into a position that requires such a high commitment level is never recommended. By laying out the pros and cons of the position, you can make an informed decision about your ability to accept a newspaper delivery position.


Step 1

Speak with the supervisor of the available delivery route. Ask him about the time and mileage requirement of the route. Also ask about route substitutes. If the paper provides a substitute you would not be responsible for paying the substitute in the event you needed a day off. Make note of his answers.


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Step 2

Take your vehicle to a mechanic and have it looked over. Ask the mechanic whether your vehicle can handle the wear of the mileage required to run the route. Also ask about any maintenance that must be performed on the vehicle before beginning and get a quote on that work. If your vehicle cannot handle the extra mileage or you have too many upfront maintenance costs, you should not accept the delivery position.


Step 3

Divide the weekly mileage requirement of the route by how many miles you get per tank of gas to determine how many times a week you will need to fill up on gas. Multiply this number by the average cost of a fill-up.


Step 4

Compare the gas cost to what the paper delivery position pays. If your gas cost is more than a quarter of your bring-home pay, you may want to pass up the available route for a shorter one if another vehicle is not available to you.


If you have a significant other or older child willing to ride work with you, you can lower the daily time commitment of the route by having the other person roll papers while you drive.


Do not accept a position from a contractor without verifying his credentials through the newspaper first.



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