How to Obtain Bankruptcy Records

Visit the website of Public Access to Court Electronic Records for the quickest method of obtaining bankruptcy records. Register for the website (see Resources section) and follow the instructions to search for the bankruptcy data you need. Paying for the records requires a credit or debit card and as of 2009, cost 8 cents per page.

Visit your local bankruptcy courthouse and request to see records regarding the person or company you wish to learn more about. There is a small charge for researching and copying the records, which is usually payable by cash.

Visit the website of the United States Bankruptcy Court Record Retrieval Service (see Resources below.) Complete bankruptcy files from this company cost $50 to obtain, and can usually be e-mailed to you within a few hours. There are also postal mail delivery options, and partial bankruptcy records cost about $20 to $35 to acquire. Payment is through credit or debit card.