How to Check for Bankruptcy in Georgia

Under Section 107 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, much of the information from a bankruptcy case must be made available to the public. This includes the petition paperwork and any motions you or creditors filed with the court. The U.S. Department of Justice offers the Voice Case Information System so the general public can access bankruptcy case records by phone for free. You can access records for either the North or South bankruptcy districts in Georgia with a single phone number.


Step 1

Call 1-866-222-8029 to reach the Georgia VCIS. Press "1" to continue in English or "2" to navigate the system in Spanish.

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Step 2

Press "3" to select the option to find bankruptcy information by name. Enter the last name and first name with the keypad. Press the "1" button as a substitute for "Q" and "Z" which do not appear on the phone's keypad. Press "#" to submit the search query.


Step 3

Listen to the case information about the debtor in question. This includes the names of the judge, trustee, co-debtors and attorney as well as important dates, such as the filing, 341 meeting, discharge and closing dates and the current status of the case. If the system cannot find the person in its database, the debtor did not file bankruptcy in a Georgia bankruptcy court.




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