How to Cash a Money Order

How to Cash a Money Order
It's easy to turn a money order into cash.

Step 1

Go to a check-cashing store. As long as the clerk can verify that you are the person the money order is made payable to and that it is a valid U.S. money order, he will cash it for you.

Step 2

Cash the money order at your bank. A representative at a bank where you hold an account will cash a money order against your balance. You usually have to have enough cash in the account to cover the money order in case of a problem.

Step 3

Determine the name of the company that issued the money order and find a business near you (usually a supermarket or discount store) that issues money orders for the company.

Step 4

If the money order was purchased at a U.S. post office, you can cash the money order at any post office as long as you have identification.