How to Get Christian Health Insurance Coverage

Membership requirements are very strict, so you should check for the eligibility requirements of each Christian health insurance company. In general, to be eligible for coverage you must be a practicing Evangelical Christian who attends regular worship service (as verified by your pastor), abstains from the use of tobacco and illegal drugs, and who lives according to Scriptural principles and biblical teaching. If you are approved for Christian medical insurance, you will have to maintain your eligibility and if your violate any of these stringent requirements, coverage may be dropped.

In most cases you can apply for Christian health insurance online. Make sure you review all plan offerings and perform detailed research including visiting each company website as well as searching for media articles. Christian medical insurance plans differ from company to company so you should check for exclusions like pre-existing conditions and how they handle certain serious or chronic medical conditions.

The three top Christian health insurance companies are Samaritan Ministries of Peoria, Il, Christian Health Ministries of Barberton, OH and Christian Care Medi-Share of Melbourne, FL. Investigate all three insurance companies thoroughly before submitting your application.

Get free health insurance quotes from reputable Christian health insurance brokers or directly from Christian health insurance companies. Monthly insurance premiums can be as low as one-half the cost you would pay for traditional health insurance.