How to Apply for Low Interest Government Loans

There comes a time when you need a helping hand. A loan is not the ideal choice for financing a car, house or personal project, but sometimes it's the best possible choice. You want a loan that is from a well-established company and one that has the lowest interest rates. Government loans can help finance your education or your small business. A low-interest government loan can be the answer to the need for immediate funds.

Step 1

Apply for a Stafford loan if you are seeking a student loan. You can apply for this through your school, through the mail or online (See Resources for the official website). Because the government backs this loan for your education, you can get a low interest rate and more funds than you could otherwise receive for your education.

Step 2

Look into small business loans and grants from the United States government if you have a great idea for a business, or a huge talent that you need funding to share (see Resources). Perhaps you have a talent to be a dance teacher—and a community in which your skills are needed. If you can demonstrate the talent, need and potential for profit, the government may offer you a grant, loan or a combination of the two for you to realize your dreams.

Step 3

Fill out the application honestly and completely. Leaving out information can cause a delayed or rejected application, and lying on an application can get you in trouble with the law—not to mention the rejection of the application.

Step 4

Submit your application directly to the government source. Never trust a middleman. Never pay for an application for a loan.


Don't apply for several loans at one time. Every time that you apply for a loan, the application is noted on your credit report. This can be seen as a mark against you in the eyes of potential creditors, and could lower your credit score when done several times in succession.