How to Make $20 Fast

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Through both online and offline resources, there are ways to quickly and easily earn an extra $20 or more when the need arises. Start by finding out what items or services others are willing to pay for that match what you can provide.

Small Jobs

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Do you have a talent or skill that could earn some extra cash? Many find that by offering up their services as a babysitter, mowing lawns, moving furniture or other small handyman task, they can earn extra money. If you're organized or enjoy shopping, perhaps you could run errands and grocery shop for an elderly relative or friend. Are you good at cleaning or organizing a house? Offer to help friends and family with these tasks for an hourly fee to quickly earn some extra cash. Utilize online resources such as for babysitting or dog sitting services and to list your ability to do small jobs around the house.

Selling Extra Items

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Most of us have items not being used lying around the house. Sell the extra items through a variety of online and offline options. Have a small garage sell or tell friends about your items that they might be interested in purchasing. For example, if you have outgrown children's clothes that might fit a friend's child, offer the clothes to that friend first to quickly sell the items. Another method to quickly sell the items offline is through a pawn shop. There are a variety of online sites, such as and that specialize in online selling. Local groups have sprung up on that offer up an additional outlet for selling. Find these groups by searching for your area or town followed by the phrase "online yard sale."

Sell Plasma

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In larger cities, the local plasma banks may offer a stipend for donating plasma. The FDA does not allow anyone to be paid for donating blood; however, plasma, which is a component of blood, is eligible for reimbursement. Donors receive $15 to $25 for each visit and can donate twice in one seven-day period. Donor eligibility is based on a variety of health factors, which should be outlined by each center.

Work Overtime or Online Sites

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Ask for overtime or extra hours at your current job, if you have one. Or look into piecemeal or freelance work through online websites, such as or that pay by the job. A drawback for both of these options is that payment may be delayed by processing or a wait until the next pay period.

Rent Out Something

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Simple tasks, such as renting out an extra room or parking space, can net big returns quickly. Numerous apps and websites, such as and, allow you to rent out items you own.

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