How to Buy the Best Tires Cheap

Buy the Best Tires Cheap

Eventually every driver needs to buy new tires. Whether due to excessive wear or an accident tires simply do not last forever. For a new driver selecting the right tire can be a challenge. Prices range from the ridiculously cheap to the amazingly expensive. Here are some things to look for when you need to purchase some new tires at a discount.


Step 1

First you need to decide if you will get 1, 2 or 4 tires. If only one or two tires need to be replaced and the others still have good tread left then go ahead and get one or two tires. Two things though, make sure the replacement tires are in the same class as the other tires, and the new tires should always go on the rear. Make sure you buy enough discount tires.


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Step 2

After the number of tires is decided you need to determine the size to get. Obviously choosing the same size as the original tires is a good move. Now, it's popular today to get 'low profile' tires because they just look good. Make sure though that the new tires are designed to handle the weight of your vehicle. Also, just about every vehicle today relies on it's onboard computer to control traction. Don't deviate by more than 5% when it comes to tire size. SUVs on the other hand are generally designed to allow up to 15% oversize tires.


Step 3

After the number and size of tires is determined you should then decide on the type; all-season, high performance or snow tires. Generally choose the tire based on the harshest weather you'll encounter. It's also common to own two sets, winter tires and all season. When you get tires at a discount, buy two sets one for summer, one for winter.



Step 4

Now that you know the number, the size and type of tire you need the last step is to decide on the speed rating. Ratings are S, T, U, H, V, W, Y and Z which represents the maximum speed you can go and still have a comfortable, smooth and safe ride. Cheap tires don't have to be garbage, shop around and check the ratings.


Step 5

To get your 'perfect' tires at the best price you need to divide their cost by their expected mileage. You should end up with a number around .02 cents per mile on average. A $90 tire that will last 35k miles is a better value than a $50 tire that will only last 20k miles. Sometimes a discount tire isn't really a good bargain, do the math.


Make sure the tires are able to accomodate your vehicle weight



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