What Is Considered a Sports Car by Insurance?

Sports car features.

Insurance companies do not label cars in the traditional ways you might think because of the cross over trend. Your vehicle identification number or VIN is the tell-all for insurance providers. When they plug in your VIN, if any sports car features pop up you can expect a hike in your premium.


Engine Size

Engine size increases insurance.

Most sports cars are recognized by larger engines, which make cars go faster. Speed equals cost in the insurance business.


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Small cars are safety concerns.

While innovations continue in the ongoing push to make sports car safer, they are simply not rigged with the safety nets ordinary cars are. The smaller size of a sports car also contributes to accident/injury risk.


Two Doors

Number of doors impacts insurance.

Two doors are traditionally associated with sports cars.




Add ons add up.

You can have an ordinary car, but if you add on a spoiler or settle for a convertible type, you will be entering the sports car realm.



Don't be afraid to buy bright.

Contrary to popular belief, the color red alone will not impact your insurance in a negative way, even though it's associated with fast cars. Rather, bright colors can be insurance savers as they are considered easier to spot on the road, therefore, have less chance of collision; however, a red car with sports features is well, ah, a sports car.



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