3 Free Things You Can Get Right Now

Stock trades

Your average brokerage house will charge between $5 & $10 for trades. If you're not working with a lot to begin with, that's a huge percentage of your potential gains. Tiger 21 members pay $30,000 per year for access to a network of high net worth individuals willing to share their wealth of knowledge. That's not you. Check out Robinhood brokerage. They charge 0 fees for trades, there is no account minimum, and they have outstanding customer service.

Your credit report

NEVER PAY FOR YOUR CREDIT REPORT. You get one free from each of the three major reporting agencies per year. Access them here, and stagger the requests. You can get one every 4 months and make sure you're all right. A better than average credit score is your key to lower interest rates and access to funding if you need it. Runnin' credit checks with no shame feels good, take it from Nelly.


Mooc List is a collection of Massive Open Online Courses (mooc) all available for free online. Institutes like MIT, Berkeley College, and Carnegie Mellon University all offer free classes in everything from sailing to calculus. Expand your knowledge base just for fun, or get ahead in your career by completing these free courses.