Peeling Back the Layers of Your Financial Eff-Ups

I didn't realize how detrimental I was being to my financial success with my subconscious thoughts and feelings. I was never able to stay on track with my finances until I finally woke up one day and started to really get real with what my money problem was. It was time to get to the bottom of things.

Before this, I never really sat down to ask myself why I couldn't get this budgeting thing right. Maybe I was afraid to get honest with myself. Because of this, I failed each and every time.

Sound familiar? It's time for you to get honest with yourself and start peeling back some layers so that you can determine what the real issue is.

So here's what you do.

Sit down and write out the problem that you are having. Once you have the issue on paper, ask yourself why that problem happens and write down that answer under the problem. Most likely, the answer you gave is not the root cause, so you will continue to ask yourself why (to last thing you wrote down) and write that answer down. You will continue this process until you have finally identified the root cause of your problem. Sounds like a lot? It can be, here's an example:


I cannot stick with a budget.

Why can't I stick with a budget?

Because I keep overspending on food.

Why do I keep overspending on food?

Because I eat a lot throughout the day.

Why do I eat a lot throughout the day?

Because I get bored often which makes me want to just eat.

Why do I get bored often?

Because I don't have anything productive to do and spend a lot of time just sitting in the house.

Bam. There's your ROOT CAUSE right there. You tend to overspend out of boredom due to the fact that you don't have any business throughout the day.

Once you've identified your root cause, you will then be able to address the problem. For instance, in order to avoid overspending on food, you need to be doing more productive activities (that don't involve eating) throughout your day. Making an effort to change your routine will ultimately mean that you'll be better able to get a grip on your spending and stay on track with your budget.

Changing financial habits takes time. Once you're at your root cause, you should be able to work towards making changes day by day. Remember that this is not the time to beat yourself up over your financial eff-ups, but a time to step up to the plate and take responsibility.