Buy Groceries Without Any Money? Amazon Makes It Possible

Grocery Shopping just got a lot easier and little bit futuristic. Amazon has announced the arrival of Amazon Go, a bodega with no lines, checkout, or cashiers. While you shop with your smartphone (loaded with the Amazon Go app, natch), it tallies up your spending and charges the card linked to your Amazon account. With their Just Walk Out technology, there's no need to stop and pay on the way out the door.


Using RFID technology, similar to your highway E-ZPass or the small security sensors sewn into clothing, your items are tracked and added to your tab as you shop. Pull a drink of the shelf and it is added; put it back and it is deducted.

Video of the Day

As you pass through the waist-high gates as you Just Walk Out, your total bill is charged and the receipt is emailed to you.

When it opens in early 2017, the Amazon Go store will only be available to Amazon employees. Look for shops in your neighborhood later next year.