$90 Is All You Need to Stock Your Pantry at Trader Joe's

It's the age-old daily dilemma: What are we going to have for dinner? From the very beginner to the most seasoned chef, we do not ask for whom the dinner bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

Of course we all love Trader Joe's for their amazing seasonal items (looking at you, mini churros!), but don't discount them when it comes to everyday purchases. Here's a list of pantry items you'll need to get your cupboards ready for dinner and beyond. The prices here were gathered in a West Los Angeles Trader Joe's, where I saw Jeff Garlin buying pickles one time. Because of regional price fluctuations, your local TJ's may be even less expensive (though less star-studded).

A well-stocked kitchen is the most important tool in your arsenal against ordering Thai again. With these basics always available to you, you'll be able to shop only for the fresh, seasonal items you need to round out a meal.

Here's what you need to get:

Oats, $1.99

Rice, $1.99-3.49

Pasta, $.99

Beans, $.99

Corn tortilla, $1.39

Flour tortilla, $1.99

Flour, $2.99

Sugar, $3.49

Baking soda, $.99

Baking powder, $1.99

Broth, $1.99

Canned tomatoes, $1.49

Tomato paste, $.49

Marinara sauce, $1.39

Coconut milk, $.99

Sriracha, $2.99

Honey, $4.99

Mayonnaise, $3.49

Soy sauce, $1.99

Peanut butter, $2.99

Dijon mustard, $1.49

Dried fruit, $2.49-5.99

Raw nuts, $4.99

Olive oil, $3.99

Balsamic vinegar, $1.99

Salt & pepper, $3.99

Potatoes, $1.79

Onion, $1.49

Garlic, $.99

Butter, $3.49

Milk, $3.19

Eggs, $2.99

Parmesan cheese, $1.99

Cheddar cheese, $2.99

Mozzarella cheese, $2.99

Frozen peas, $1.49

Frozen spinach, $1.49

Frozen edamame, $1.49

Total: $86.92 - 89.92

Use this handy checklist to go on your own Trader Joe's pantry stocking adventure.

Image Credit: Jamie Stoltz

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