7 Products You Can Actually Afford From Oprah’s 2016 “Favorite Things” List

Oprah's annual holiday list of chic buys is a huge deal. From cashmere sheet sets (!) to artisanal grits (?), her yearly list of items to stuff in your sack is usually not for those of us on a budget. I've gone through and picked a few winners that won't break the bank and are actually things people might want (looking at you, silly sorbet maker).

Oprah has teamed up with Amazon to offer quick and easy shopping and shipping for all 100+ items on her list - but! Check out the full list on Oprah.com to grab some sweet coupon codes to use when buying directly from the seller.

BloemBox Organic Rose & Lavender Sachet, $20

Huh. These are definitely inexpensive. They are also beautifully packaged. A little generic, but could work as a gift for someone who you really don't know that well. Essentially, you are giving someone a little box of flower petals to put in their underwear drawer, so think long and hard about this one.

Fringe by Em John, $16

This is a super basic gift for literally anyone who 1. Has a name and/or 2. Owns an item with a key. Each of these key chains happen to support the designer and her quest to graduate from college debt-free. Now that the designer has partnered with the big O, I think she's gonna be alright.

PurseN Travel Pillow Organizer, $35

This the dorkiest thing on the list by far, and I love it. The perfect thing to send to a family member who is planning a trip, you could tuck a few little bottles of booze inside for a real treat and still keep it under $50.

HButler Orbit Key Finder, $30

This key finder is wonderful! It's small and unassuming, but could save your butt in a rushing out the door situation. These would make great gifts for all your hot mess friends. Now...where did I put those instructions...

The Urban Agriculture Organic Grow Kit, $25

Growing your own herbs is a great way to save money, gussy up your kitchen, and feel like a farmer. However, at $25 for what is essentially a 30 cent bag of seeds and a tiny burlap sack, these are a huge ripoff. There are better ways to give this gift and most of them will cost you under $2. An old jelly jar with a beautiful packet of heirloom seeds is miles ahead of this style-wise and price-wise.

My Audio Pet - Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, $25

There's no denying how cute these little guys are! They might be the perfect gift for a coworker who loves to get down in their office.

Southern Culture Foods Southern Grit Trio, $45

$45 for three one-pound jars of grits. "Affordable": Kind of. But should you spend that much on grits? No.