How to Make Money Off Of Your Social Media Profiles

In the age of social media, it's become easier than ever to make money online. From partaking in influencer campaigns to getting a new job, there is no shortage of opportunity out there for people with solid social media profiles.

I myself make money off of social media. I've gotten writing clients from using Instagram, got coaching clients from Periscope, have participated in influencer campaigns for large companies, and, most recently, got paid to send out a tweet.

In this article, we're going to detail the different ways you can make money off your social media profiles. After all, if you're going to be using social media, you might as well make money off of it

Participating in influencer campaigns.

Influencer campaigns are when a large company decides to partner up with a social media personality to collaborate on content. What kind of content depends on the company, but it could look like blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts or a YouTube video.

According to countless studies, influencer marketing is going to take off in the coming years. A report by Mediakix found that interest in influence marketing increased 90 times since 2013. Additionally, top brands are beginning to use this as a form of advertising and search results for "influencer marketing" have increased significantly on Google.

Here are some of the other findings from the report:

  • 62% Of 18- to 24-year-olds would buy a YouTuber-endorsed product.
  • Over 80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective.
  • Earned media value was 1.5X higher in 2015 than in 2014.

All of this is to stay, don't sleep on your social media profiles because companies are actively looking for people to partner with.

Building your brand to find clients.

If you run your own business like I do, then you can definitely find paying client work on social media. From gigs being posted on social media sites, to networking, to having clients find you, the opportunities are endless.

I've found coaching clients by participating in tweet chats, writing clients by commenting on Facebook and advertisers for my website by engaging on Instagram.

Additionally, by using social media to build a solid brand for your business, you can ask for more money. I know for a fact that one of the reasons I can command the rates I do is precisely because of my social media following.

Getting a better paying job.

Another way in which you can make money from social media is by using it to get a better paying job.

Speaking as a former recruiter, I can tell you that recruiters spend hours on LinkedIn looking for candidates to fill positions. That means that if you spruce up your profile and learn how to use LinkedIn effectively, that you can land yourself a better paying job.

Here are some guidelines for using LinkedIn effectively to get a new job:

  • Use specific keywords you know recruiters in your industry are searching for.
  • Use the space you have available. A LinkedIn profile is not a one-page resume so make sure to fill it out with relevant content.
  • Show examples of your work.
  • Participate in LinkedIn groups by asking questions and being helpful to others. This helps you make potential connections that could lead to your new job.

As a bonus, you may want to consider setting up informational interviews with people you find on LinkedIn. This is when you're asking someone else all the questions to get more insight on their career. It's another great way to build relationships that could lead to a job later on.

If you use your social media profiles wisely, you can use them to make more money. Follow some of these tips and you'll soon start seeing more opportunities show up.