How to Transfer Money From Credit Card to a Prepaid Card

How to Transfer Money From Credit Card to a Prepaid Card
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Ever want to create an unbreakable vacation budget, give the gift of Visa, or just have a foolproof way to control your spending? Prepaid credit and debit cards answer all these requests

How to Transfer Money From Credit Card to a Prepaid Card

Step 1

Contact your financial institution to check on things like whether you'll be charged to transfer money from your credit card to a prepaid account. Most prepaid cards have a nominal fee, but you will want to know if you're going to get hit from both ends.

Step 2

Do some research and find a reputable financial institution that performs this service and meets your needs. For example, if you're looking to create a travel budget, AAA issues a Travel Money prepaid Visa. If you'd like to give a prepaid card as a gift, many retail stores can transfer funds into a prepay account.

Step 3

Contact the credit card company with which you want to do business or simply log onto its website. Many companies that offer prepaid cards have secure websites on which you can complete the entire process. However, if you have never used these services before, you may find it helpful to speak to a customer service specialist.

Step 4

Assure that the website you are using for the transaction uses a secure connection. Read the card terms and agreements carefully and complete the transaction.

Step 5

Type in your credit card account information on the form provided online, or if you're dialing into the prepaid card service's telephone system, punch the credit card information into the system via your telephone keypad.

Step 6

Check your prepaid account balance before attempting to use the card and check with the issuing institution as to whether there is a delay between fund deposit and fund availability. There are fewer embarrassing moments in life than a declined credit card.