How to Dispute a Citibank Credit Card Charge

The credit card dispute process is usually easy to navigate

When you place goods or services on your credit card, you have certain rights. One of those is charge back or the ability to dispute a good or service that you did not receive, is damaged or is not as you expected for many other reasons. You can file your dispute on the phone, via the Internet and by mail. This article will teach you some basics about the Citibank dispute process.


Step 1

Contact the merchant directly to resolve the issue. Ask for a credit or a replacement of the merchandise or services in question. If they refuse or do not answer your request, then go on to the steps that follow.

Step 2

Example of Citi card's statement main features

Locate your Citi card statement either online by signing into your account with your username or password. This is located in the left-hand column. Alternately, you can also look on your monthly paper statement that you receive by mail. Look for the credit card charge in question under the monthly charges column. The link to Citi cards can be found in the Resources section below.


Step 3

Print out your Citi card statement if you do not have a printed copy, and circle the entire item you wish to dispute, including the phone number and any other information listed across the page.

Step 4

Go online to the Citi card's website if you have Internet access. Sign into your account. Then click on the "Contact Us" column on the right side of your screen and click the "Disputes" link on that page. If you do not have Internet access, skip this step and call 1-866-775-0557. Customer service will probably have you write a letter explaining the dispute.


Step 5

Print out the Citi Dispute Form and call 1-866-775-0557 to get a reference number to fill in at the top of that form.

Step 6

Fill in the dispute form with as much information as possible, including the main reason for the dispute along with your credit card number. Attach a letter or write on the back of the form if more space is needed. Make sure you sign the form at the top or it will be returned to you, thus delaying the dispute process.

Step 7

Once you have completed your discussion with the Citi customer service representative, make a copy of your completed dispute form and mail with a copy of your statement to Citi, Attn: Disputes, P.O. Box 6013, Sioux Falls, SD 57117.


Step 8

You should hear something within 14 days. If you do not, be sure to call customer service and follow up with them. If Citi cannot help you, then you may have to contact the merchant again.


If you do not hear anything after a few weeks, call them or re-send your dispute form by mail. Keep copies of everything.


Do not wait to file your dispute; you will only have 60 days from when the charge appears on your Citi statement. Citi does not accept disputes online or by fax. You must file by mail. If this is a case of fraudulent charges you do not recognize, call the 24-hour number on the back of your card and report your card lost or stolen and obtain a new credit card number.

Things You'll Need

  • Credit card

  • Computer

  • Form

  • Stamp

  • Envelope

  • Citi Cards Dispute Address

  • Printer

  • Telephone