How to Make a Cheap Grass Seed Spreader

How to Make a Cheap Grass Seed Spreader. For small patching areas, a homemade grass seed spreader does the trick and saves you money. Store bought spreaders include the drop and broadcast models that you push and handheld spreaders that usually have a crank handle. Make your own cheap model from containers that usually end up discarded.

How to Make a Cheap Grass Seed Spreader The bottom of the can
How to Make a Cheap Grass Seed Spreader
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Cheap Tin Can Spreader

Get an empty coffee can with lid and turn it upside down. Choose a large size for less work.

Put on safety glasses and make holes across the bottom of the can. Use a small nail with a hammer or a 1/8 inch drill bit for starters.

Make a second row of holes offset from the first row.

Place the lid on the bottom of the can and fill just enough seed to test the spreader.

Test the grass seed spreader over an open newspaper to see the flow of seeds. Adjust accordingly by enlarging or making more holes.

Use the tin can spreader by first placing the lid on the bottom, then remove the lid when ready to seed your lawn.

Cheap Milk Jug Spreader

Rinse out an empty gallon milk jug. Substitute with a 64 oz. plastic juice container.

Set the jug off in a corner to dry with the cap off.

Put on safety glasses, then punch a series of holes in the opposite side of the handle with a nail, hole puncher or drill. Push the nail or punch back and forth with downward pressure. Figure 1/8 inch holes, depending on grass, spaced 1/4 inch apart in two offsetting rows.

Get a funnel to fill the jug with grass seed up to the holes.

Spread grass seed evenly with a back and forth motion.

Make more holes or rows according to the amount of grass seed you want to shake out.

Push the nail around the hole to make it larger.