How to Fill Out a Money Order

A money order is another form of a check people use to pay a bill or buy a product among other things.

Step 1

There are a few places where you can purchase an money order--Western Union, US Postal Office or even at some supermarkets. Go to any of the companies to purchase one.

Step 2

When filling out a money order, make sure not to leave anything blank.

Step 3

On the form where it says 'Remitter' or 'Payee' write down your name clearly in print.

Step 4

Where it says 'Pay to the Order Of' or 'Sender' or 'Send To' write down the name of the person you are sending the money order to; a person or a company.

Step 5

On some money orders you are able to write down your account number on a space provided. If there is none write your account number above your name. Your account number is your identification--Social Security number, a number personally sent to you from a bill or a credit card number.

Step 6

The money order has another form attached to it. When you write down the required information, a second slip beneath it automatically copies the information. The slip is used as a receipt.


If a money order is ever lost, damaged or stolen, you can fill out a form to get another replacement. Remember the exact amount that was on the form, the person you'd send it to and if there is a serial number, you can write it down. Also there is a fee you must pay to get another money order. Please keep your receipt in case the payee informs you that payment were never sent, you can verify it through the receipt.

Things You'll Need

  • Exact amount of money

  • Stamp

  • Envelope

  • Address of payee

  • Account number


Do not write on the back of the money order. The line is only for use for the payee to write their signature.