How to Get a Certified Check or Money Order

How to Get a Certified Check or Money Order
Certified checks and money orders are two forms of guaranteed payment.

Certified Check

Determine if you need a certified check for payment. Contractual agreements often require certified checks or cashier's checks.

Go to your local bank and request a cashier's check. You must have a savings or checking account from which you will withdraw the funds.

Pay the required fees for the issuance of the certified check. While the bank will withdraw the funds for a certified check from your account, the banking institution actual backs the check. Banks charge fees, then, in exchange for their full backing and guarantee of the check.

Money Order

Verify that a money order is appropriate for your situation. Money orders are a type of guaranteed check that you can purchase through the U.S. Postal Service. In many circumstances, money orders do not fulfill a contractual agreement's requirement for a certified check.

Go to a U.S. Post Office in person and request a money order. Money orders are limited to $1,000 dollars per order and require full payment of the money order's value at the time of issuance.

Pay the required fee based on the value of the money order. Money orders from one cent to $500 have a 90-cent fee; money orders greater than $500 and up to $1,000 have a $1.25 fee.