How Can Six to Start Get You Moving?

If you've played Zombies, Run! or The Walk on your smartphone, you've tried out Six to Start's popular games. Unlike other gaming apps, though, Six to Start creates immersive experiences that get you moving. Using one of these apps, you can get your cardio for the day while also having fun.


Aerobic Activity Meets Gameplay

One-third​ of the population over age ​15​ doesn't get enough exercise. That sedentary lifestyle brings some health risks with it, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis, among other issues. But fitting a workout into your daily routine can be tough, especially when traditional exercise can be such a snooze.


Video of the Day

That's where fitness apps can help. The right app can make physical activity fun, helping you reach your daily goals without feeling like it's a chore. Six to Start has taken fitness apps to the next level, creating games that inspire you to get up and move.

What Is Six to Start?

Whether your goal is weight loss, getting healthy or a combination of both, Six to Start's apps are worth considering. Here are some of the company's most popular apps.


  • Zombies, Run!: The most popular of all the games on the platform, this app has you running to get to the next outpost during a zombie epidemic. You'll just need an area to run or jog and a pair of headphones to hear your instructions.
  • The Walk: If you prefer a techno-thriller, this app might be more your style. It's less an exercise program and more a way to ensure you get the recommended ​10,000​ steps per day.
  • Zombies, Run! 5K Training: This high-intensity version of Zombies, Run! is designed to help you train to run a 5K through an eight-week program.


How Six to Start Works

All of Six to Start's apps work similarly. With Zombies, Run!, you simply find a place to walk or run and start up the app. You'll begin completing missions, and if the zombies start chasing you, you'll have to speed up your pace. You can also use the interval training feature to create your own workouts and make the app work with your own exercise routine.


With The Walk, you're given a package that can save the world after a bomb explodes in Inverness Station. You have to walk the length of the UK to accomplish your goal, which is sure to boost your heart rate. The Walk uses your phone's built-in pedometer to track your steps.

Pricing for Six to Start

If you're trying to lose weight or improve your fitness level, Zombies, Run! and The Walk can be great alternatives to a fitness membership or personal trainer. In fact, the basic membership is free, but you won't get the full suite of challenges and games with the free version.


To unlock the full suite of these games, you'll have to upgrade to an Abel's Run membership. This membership costs ​$39.99​ per year, but those who were around from the beginning enjoy a Legacy Discount, which has them paying only ​$19.99​ per year.

Pros and Cons of Gamification

Experts have found gamification for physical activity increases the amount of time a person spends exercising. The health benefits you'll get from these apps, which are relatively affordable, make them well worth it.


But there are some downsides to consider. Although all of Six to Start's apps get you moving, they place a limit on the types of exercise you do. You might find you still need weightlifting or strength training for toning.

For some people, though, having a place to walk and run freely might be a problem. You can use a treadmill, but if you don't have access to one, you'll need a place where you can safely walk and run while being distracted by an app. You'll also need either an iOS- or Android-equipped smartphone and a pair of headphones.


If you're interested in starting a workout routine but you don't like the constraints of regular exercise, Six to Start can be a great option for your workout plans. For many, simply getting caught up in the thrill of the competition means they look forward to that daily workout.