Depop: Money for Your Pre-Loved Clothes

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Depop is a mobile/online fashion marketplace that boasted about 21 million users in 2020. They're not grandma's crowd. Most users are no older than age 26, and teenagers have given it higher marks than eBay and Etsy. But you're not out of the loop if you have something you want to sell and you happen to be a bit older.


What Is Depop?

Depop is next-generation shopping. Gone are the days of secondhand clothing. Depop has tagged its available merchandise as "preloved," but the site doesn't stop at apparel. It features craft items as well, and a good many sellers have launched their own brands here. You can drop the term "pre-" in this case.

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How to Sell on Depop

The most difficult aspect of using Depop might be creating or gathering your merchandise for sale. Then it's just a simple matter of downloading the app. You can do this directly from the Depop website, or go to Google Play or Apple's App Store.


Now build your profile. Create a bio describing your shop and connect to your PayPal account. You must link to your PayPal account even if you'd rather use Depop Payments to collect on your sales, so PayPal is a must-have. Depop Payments will send your money directly to your bank account, so you have to link to that, too. Your first payment may take ​up to 10 days​ to arrive using this option, but it should only be ​two or three days​ after that first time.

You can include up to four photos of your merchandise, and one of them can be a video. Depop offers a handy photo guide with tips in its seller handbook. Tag the item with a category such as "shoes," and give an honest description of its condition if it's been loved before. List your price. Take care to clearly state your returns and shipping policies. Tell potential buyers where your items will be shipping from.


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How Much Does Depop Cost?

Depop will take ​10 percent​ of your sales price per item sold, and this is a flat across-the-board rate. There are no additional subscription or listing fees.

But don't forget that must-have PayPal account. PayPal will charge you another ​2.9 percent​ per transaction if you're located in the United States, plus ​20 cents​. This increases to ​3.4 percent​ and ​25 cents​ if you're selling in the EU or UK.


And you might want to consider free shipping of your merchandise. It can add to your costs, particularly because you're selling to a global community, but it might also ratchet up your sales. Depop provides a shipping label service too, but you must still deliver the item to a courier. This can cost an additional ​$4.50 to $15​ per shipment.

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Buying From Depop

Maybe you're not the crafty or entrepreneurial type. You just want to buy some unique fashion and accessories.


You can access the site online. Create an account. All it requires is your phone number. Log in, find the to-die-for item you want to own and click on "Buy Now." You'll be prompted to enter your email, delivery address and a payment option. You'll receive an email confirming your purchase and your receipt will be available in your account.

Buying on the app is basically the same but with a couple of wrinkles. You have to take an extra step. Clicking "BUY" will add the item to your shopping bag, then you have to proceed to checkout. The edge you'll have with the app is that you can remit via Google Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal. You're limited to PayPal if you shop on the website.


In either case, you can tell Depop about your style interests and sizes and you'll receive recommendations for purchases. You can search by style, brand or prices and you can save your searches. Buyer protection is built-in and automatic, although it's up to you to initiate a claim with Depop or PayPal if your purchase doesn't arrive or isn't as advertised.