Check Your Car Insurance for COVID-19 Rebates

Image Credit: Sisoje/E+/GettyImages

Nobody can really claim that there's an upside to the coronavirus outbreak. At best, we've got people who do the right thing when called to do it. Not everyone is an essential worker, but even the unlikeliest industry can pleasantly surprise us sometimes.


In this case, it's the insurance industry, rarely known for acts of goodwill. If you're paying for auto insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, check your latest bill — if you're working with a major company, odds are you'll see a 15 percent to 25 percent drop in what you owe. At least nine auto insurers are offering rebates, refunds, or just plain cuts in their billing cycles while we're all driving less. Some apply to plan renewals and can last for up to a year.

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It gets better too: As an editor for Consumer Reports told Good Morning America, "[T]hose rebates are basically done without having to request them. They're done automatically."


If your insurance provider hasn't already reached out to you about a policy change or a deal, poke around their website or social media, or give the company a call to ask yourself and confirm it. You might be able to get lucky and secure a price match from a competitor. We still haven't seen nationwide leniency for rent or other ongoing expenses, but this could be one place to start. Check out the Motley Fool's list of providers for a quick rundown of savings from Geico, Allstate, State Farm, and more.