Why Your Freelancing Might Be Stalling Out

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The hustle is real, and if you love being your own boss, you know how to organize it. It's a grind, though, and you need everything to work out for you to keep up. Any little roadblock, whether on your end or your client's, can come between you and paying your rent.


That's what makes it so frustrating when your lines of communication suddenly seem to dry up. Your emails go unanswered, your pitches vanish into the ether, and your workload seems to exist only in limbo. Caren Lissner, for The Writing Collective, may have some insight into why freelancing seems so much harder these days — specifically, that your clients' email providers could be working against you.

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Spam filters have gotten more sophisticated and more proactive over the years. There are lists out there of trigger words that can set off your inbox's protective software: Here's one organized by type, while this one includes nearly 500 words that could keep even the most innocent or necessary message from your client. "When advanced technology backfires, it's up to us humans to make it right," Lissner writes. That's why the solution to overeager spam filters has to come on the client side.


If your job includes communicating with freelancers or hiring new employees, it's imperative to keep an eye on your spam filter. More and more of us are going to be freelancing going forward. There are lots of reasons to love working for yourself, and when things go smoothly on all sides of the equation, everyone gets more done.