Your Future Self Is Your Best Business Partner

There's no way to know for certain that your brilliant idea is going to make your name and blow up your bank account. Not only that, but failing big is often the best thing you can allow yourself career-wise. That said, there are some thoroughly tested methods to help you design your best future. They're not guaranteed, but they're an excellent way to get started.

Founder and consultant Rashan Dixon writes about means-testing your next big thing in an editorial for Entrepreneur. It's "pretty easy to stumble across nonviable ideas," he says, "and plenty of inexperienced founders (and experienced ones) have chosen to pursue the wrong idea." Smelling out the good ones has a lot to do with observation. Of course you'll want to explore your chosen market and see if it needs disrupting. You'll also need to be sure that your product or service is actually something you or your peers or a market might need.

But one of your biggest aids is looking toward your future self. Think about the world you'll be living in, and what's likely to change or endure in society. Invest in that future self — even though our brains think of it as another, unrelated person, you can lay the groundwork for a good business plan with small steps now, like labelling yourself an innovator. Big ideas don't have to come with mammoth efforts; in fact, bigger ideas often require smaller teams to refine them.

"Entrepreneurs should take comfort knowing that viable ideas can come from anywhere," Dixon writes. When you team up with the person you can be, you set yourself on the road to getting things done.