You're Just Less Likely to Kill These Houseplants

No matter what time of year it is, there's something primordially appealing about having plants in your home. There are plenty of good, science-based reasons for this: Keeping flowers in your office is a huge mood-booster, and living near trees and greenspace is literally better for your brain. It doesn't hurt that Instagram hashtags like #urbanjungle are aspirationally gorgeous. Unfortunately, you may already well know whether you've got a green thumb or a black thumb.

Whether you care about your houseplants being trendy or not, Apartment Therapy is here to help. Writer Molly Williams has just shared seven hardy alternatives to some somewhat finicky favorites. For instance, if you love the smell of fresh gardenias but can't find a perfectly balanced watering schedule, try for a potted Meyer lemon tree instead. It will also brighten up the way a room smells, with less chance of admitting defeat over the sad, brown skeleton of an overly optimistic purchase.

One problem newbie houseplant aficionados face is overwatering. If your plant's leaves start to go brown or droopy despite your best efforts, there are ways to rescue them. But a more manageable solution may be one of the simplest: Create and keep track of a watering schedule. The Waterbug app can take care of both plant identification and ideal timing, and it's not the only app out there to help your houseplants bloom. Keep an eye out for low-tech ways of helping your plants thrive too. Some might be unexpected, like your crockpot. Check out Apartment Therapy's full list of hardier houseplants to jumpstart some ideas.