You Can Preorder a Flying Car Right Now

The future isn't here just yet, but it's already set up its website. That future includes flying cars — for real. You can even get in line to buy one, if you can afford not to ask for how much.

Terrafugia is a small startup owned by the same company that owns Volvo. Ever since 2006, it's been trying to build a sustainable, affordable flying car. Now it's announcing that their goal is within reach: Its Transition model should be available to purchase in 2019. It's a hybrid car that can reach 200 mph, and once its wings come out, it can take you up to 400 miles in the air.

The price aside, which hasn't been released yet, you will need a pilot's license to fly your Transition. You'll also need to take off and land at an airport, though there are plans for the next model, the four-door TF-X, to skip the airport entirely.

We're not entirely in the future the Jetsons imagined for us: While we do have talking houses and hoverboards, they don't always look like we hoped they would. Still, the Transition will start taking preorders in October, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua. Vehicles like it might be as common as Alexa and Siri before we know it.