January Means New Jobs, So Get Applying

After the long haul of the holiday season, January can seem like a bit of a letdown. We resolve to hit the gym and eat out less and genuinely be more virtuous in every walk of life. But there's one arena where you should be as self-indulgent as possible, because January is also prime hiring season, and your perfect job may be waiting just for you.

Companies and organizations have hit the reset button on their budgets, which means an explosion of new positions created. According to research reported by Moneyish, in January 2017, companies posted more than 135,000 new job listings; by February, that number was down to just under 25,800. Employers also want to give themselves a head start on profits and progress. An infusion of new ideas and new people is often just what they're looking for.

Whether it's been a while since you've put out feelers or you're deep in the weeds of the job-hunting process, here are some Sapling articles that might help you get the edge you need to live the professional life you want.

If a new job isn't in the picture for you in January, don't despair — none of this means that you're missing your best chance for a new start. The most important thing is that you keep at it. While no one likes to hear that the job hunt is a numbers game, persistence is what gives you the most chances to find your true niche.