College Students: Get $5 Premium Bundles From Spotify and Hulu

Textbooks and new pens aren't the only supplies a student needs come fall. With streaming services replacing iPods and binders full of DVDs, Spotify and Hulu have teamed up to entice college students with a joint package deal. For $4.99, you can now get Spotify Premium and Hulu's Limited Commercials plan, a fraction of what you'd pay for both plans together.

Spotify Premium for Students is available to new subscribers and those who already have individual Spotify Premium and Hulu Limited Commercial plans. You need to be over 18 and a student in the U.S. at a Title IV-accredited college or university (basically, if you can get federal financial aid, you're good to go). One caveat: If you're an existing customer of either service, you can only get the deal if you're subscribing directly, rather than through a third party like a cell phone provider.

The plan is valid for a year, and you can renew up to three times, provided you keep verifying your enrollment status. After graduation, you'll need to subscribe to each plan separately. That said, Spotify Premium goes for $9.99 and Hulu's basic plan costs $7.99, which means the bundle costs nearly a quarter of buying each separately.

Other music-streaming services have offered student discounts, including Tidal and Apple Music, but no one has successfully partnered with streaming video for such a deal. Whether you planned on freaking out with your roommate at The Handmaid's Tale or looping your favorite album during an all-nighter, your college load — for move-in day and for your wallet — just got a little lighter.