Google Docs Just Got a Serious Upgrade

If Google Docs is the lifeblood of your workplace, you just got a big (good!) surprise. On Wednesday, Google announced a ton of improvements and new features that should make your day at the office way easier.

Lots of these changes are about improving collaboration. You know that thing when nobody's sure which document is the most recent? Look for the "Version History" option under "File" — you can name revisions based on what changes your team has made. This should also settle which document is your final draft.

Some of the most useful tools from applications like Microsoft Word have also made their way into GDocs. Do you hate approving every single comma change just so you can see a clean version of the text? Not only can you accept or reject all edits with just one click, you can toggle back and forth between edits and final appearance. Click on "Tools," then go to "Review suggested edits" and choose either "Preview accept all" or "Preview reject all."

Mobile access for Google Docs got you down? The new GDocs has you covered. If you have an Android phone or tablet, an iPad, or an iPhone, look for three dots in the bottom-right of the screen. Click on that for the "Suggest changes" option, which can put you on "suggestion mode," which should allow you to start typing and leaving comments.

Google Docs has had templates for a while, but thanks to partnerships with HR-adjacent companies like DocuSign and LegalZoom, you can use or create templates that make your management life two tons easier. Need a nice-looking, customized and valid NDA? It's way easier to put it together this way if you have to get it done quickly, independently or for the first time.

Not all Google product makeovers have been winners. (Does Gmail still look a little weird to you? And does anyone know what Wave was supposed to be?) But Google Docs has been a staple for cloud-based composition and collaboration for years. If it's not broken, don't fix it, of course — but these changes should win you over, if things work out the way the Google team hopes.