Are You a 'Purposeful Leader'?

What kind of boss are you?
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Are you a "purposeful leader"? Because studies show when professional leaders show morals and vision, those who work for them are far happier and more productive.


In a new report by the CIPD — a professional body for HR professionals — details were shown to prove that when bosses and business leaders are "purposeful" their employees are less likely to quit and more willing to work harder.

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Professor Catherine Bailey of the University of Sussex, who aided in this research, laid it all out pretty simply. "People increasingly expect an organizational purpose that goes beyond a mere focus on the bottom line, beyond the kind of short-termist, financial imperatives that are blamed by many for causing the 2008 recession.


In turn, they respond to leaders who care not just about themselves but wider society, who have strong morals and ethics, and who behave with purpose."

The study also indicated that only one-in-five U.K. bosses consider themselves to be "purposeful leaders" which means there's a huge opportunity to corner this market. And if you succeed in doing so, you are likely to find yourself with a happier, healthier, and more motivated workforce.

So if you're in a leadership position, maybe you want to ask yourself if you are leading with purpose. Do you care about more than just the end goal? Do you have bigger dreams than blanket success? How is your work contributing to the greater good? Once you have answers to those questions be sure to broadcast them and use them to motivate your employees. Finding your own sense of professional purpose will have a positive trickle down effect, and well lead to a place of business that is happier and healthier.