5 Ways to Save Money on Summer Travel

No matter how far away we get from being kids, summer vacation still looms large. June, July, and August mean a constant desire to be away from your workplace, to be outside, to play. And while being a grownup means it's no longer three months of fun, summer is still a great opportunity to take advantage of your vacation days. Here are a few ways to plan a trip without breaking the bank.

1. Forgo the hotel

Hotels can be a huge expense, so forget 'em. Especially if you are planning travel to a city or a frequently visited vacation destination, rent a house! You will save on lodging, and seeing as your accommodation will now likely come with a kitchen you also have the option to save on food. A win-win. Some websites to scope: Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway.

2. Use those credit card points

Stop spending your credit card points on Amazon orders and save them for a trip. They're a great way to book rental cars, flights, and accommodation. The added awesome thing is that since you're not actually taking money out of your account, it is way less painful. Free money, really.

3. Fly on weekdays

Fly on weird days. Everyone wants to fly on Friday nights and Sunday nights, but if you don't have to do that then definitely make different plans. The cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. If you can make one of those days work, you'll likely save.

4. Avoid holiday weekends

There are three big holiday weekends in summer: Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Fourth of July. Just avoid them.

5. Get off the beaten path

Go somewhere that's in their low season, stay a block away from the beachfront hotels, don't eat at the tourist restaurants, go to a small town — your wallet will thank you. All of this is possible with a little bit of research.