A Bullet Journal is the Most Beautiful Way to Get Shit Done

What's a bullet journal? It's a cross between a calendar, a to-do list, a diary , and a doodle pad. It might be the answer to all of your organizational problems. Since you're not bound by the lines of a pre-made planner, you are free to create the space you need for what you need. Plan your today, tomorrow, next month, and next year with style. Check out these #bujo Instas for inspiration:

If you haven't found the style of planner that works best for you, try something different each day! Stick with what works, forget about what doesn't.

Let your artsy side loose and still tackle your tasks.

Best of all, review your hard work with smug satisfaction. We all know the best part of a list is crossed things off, this just takes ito a whole new level.

So what do you need to get started? Not much, really. Just a blank journal, a few pens and pencils, and some time to spend thinking about your plans. There's a whole cottage industry on Etsy selling stickers, stencils, and pens, oh my! But all you really need are basic supplies you can probably "borrow" from work.

An analog solution to digital noise and a creative outlet.