Millennials Are Actually Very Professionally Reliable

You've likely heard that millennials (born between 1981 and 1998) are unreliable; they're constantly changing jobs; they are chronic flakes; they have no employer loyalty. Well, a new study from the Pew Research Center is putting some very interesting contradictory information out into the world: Millennials are actually just as professionally reliable as the generation before them.

The study even takes these findings one step further to say that millennials stick with their employers longer than Generation X did at their age. 63.4% of millennials have been with their current employer for 13 months or longer; when Generation X was the same age, 59.9% of them had been with their employer for the same amount of time.

One reason for millennials staying longer at jobs is their level of education. The Department of Labor says that those with higher education, tend to stick with positions longer. With millennials being the most educated generation in history, this correlation makes sense.

Pew spelled out their findings, also indicating that staying longer at jobs might not even be all that great for millennials. "The longer tenure of college-educated Millennials compared with that of Gen X workers does not necessarily translate into higher wages or more job security," the study reads. "They may be sticking with their current employers due to a dearth of opportunities to get a better job with a different employer."

Numbers are different for less-educated millennials who seem to be leaving jobs more frequently than their college-educated peers, but still on par with Generation X.

Point being, that whole job-hopping millennial stereotype is dead wrong. In fact, it looks like millennials might be sticking things out — even if they might not really want to.