How to Ace the Final Interview

Review the answers from your first interview to prepare for the final test.

Making it past the first round of interviews offers a sense of satisfaction and gets you one step closer to landing the position. The final interview is your last chance to prove your qualifications and push yourself into the lead candidate position. The initial sessions give you an idea of how the company interviews and what they're looking for, but additional preparation for the final interview readies you for a more in-depth questioning session with the hiring manager.

Step 1

Confirm the time and location of the final interview. Don't assume it will take place in the same location as your previous interviews. Verify the format of the interview so you can prepare for the number of people sitting in and understand what will be expected of you.

Step 2

Replay all of the previous interviews with the company in your head. Make notes about your answers so you can respond consistently. Identify questions and answers that stumped you or didn't go as well as you'd hoped so you can practice those areas before the final interview.

Step 3

Research the company if you haven't already. Even if you researched before your first interview, review the information and read more on the company. Show you care about the company by being able to tailor your answers to the company's vision and goals.

Step 4

Talk to any acquaintance you know who already works for the company to get a sense of what to expect from the final interview. Ask for any insight into exactly what the hiring manager is looking for.

Step 5

Write down specific examples from your prior work experience as a review for the interview. The final interview often involves more in-depth questions and answers. Having ideas in your head to show you possess the necessary skills makes answering those questions easier.

Step 6

Prepare yourself to show the hiring manager how well you'll fit into the company. Use the specific examples from your experience and your knowledge of the company to demonstrate that you're a qualified candidate who will excel in the position.

Step 7

Consider your requirements and desires for salary and benefits. Questions about these topics may arise in the final interview. Preparing yourself to answer the questions helps you avoid being caught off guard and giving a salary range you later regret.

Step 8

Bring extra copies of your resume in case there are additional people sitting in on the interview. The hiring manager should have a copy of your resume available from the previous interviews, but being prepared with extras shows you're on top of things.