How to Check if You Owe Child Support

We must support children physcially, emotionally and fianancially.

Bringing a child into the world is a responsibility as much as it is a privilege. Even if mother and father separate, each is responsible for the well-being of the child. However, life has a way of moving people apart. If you a child and have not had contact with her or the other parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to see if there is any support you can give or owe.


Step 1

Speak with the mother or father of your child. Discuss if a child support order has been filed. If so, ask for as much information as possible, such as the court's contact information and when the order was filed.

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Step 2

Check your mail box or local post office. Find out if you have any mail from DCS or your local court office for a scheduled court date.


Step 3

Contact the proper authority. If you have not received any information in the mail, give the clerk of courts a call or visit. Give your name and ask for any pending information that you are privileged to.


Step 4

Check for back child support. If you are unable to speak with the mother or father of the child and have no way of finding court information, look for a notification from DCS in the form of a Notice and Finding of Financial Responsibility (NFFR), which will inform the responsible parent of owed child support. You may also check the DCS website for your state for child support information.



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