How to Delete Someone off of a Car Title

Deleting a person from a car title may require an involved process, depending on your state's Department of Motor Vehicles regulations and particular situation. Situations such as a co-owner's death, divorce, insurance-related issues or other common scenarios may result in the need to remove a person from a vehicle's car title. The co-owner listed on the title may also have a vested interest in being removed from a title because of possible legal liabilities.

Step 1

Contact your DMV. Explain that you would like to remove the second party from a vehicle's title record and provide the customer service representative with any pertinent information concerning the transfer.

Step 2

Obtain and fill out any forms necessary from the DMV. Depending on your particular situation, you may need to provide the DMV with additional paperwork, such a divorce decree, quit-claim deed, death certificate, will and/or a notarized form signed by the co-owner, giving the DMV permission to change the title.

Step 3

Go to the DMV office and supply the necessary documentation and/or affidavits for the title transfer. Bring the co-owner with you to the DMV if required and possible. Having both parties present may expedite the process and reduce the chances of possible hold-ups.

Step 4

Pay any fees associated with issuing the new title and vehicle registration. Make sure to update any name or mailing address information, if needed.

Step 5

Allow a sufficient amount of mailing time for the new title and registration forms to arrive. Store the new registration in the vehicle and secure the title in a safe place inside your home or in a safe deposit box to complete the process.