How to Answer Credit Card Application Questions

Honestly answering all questions is the most important key to filling out a credit card application. Credit card companies want accurate information about your credit history, your assets and obligations, and your income. Card companies will also ask where you have lived and for how long. The company uses the information to determine your ability to repay credit card debt. Failing to answer the information truthfully could lead to the card company rejecting your application. Or you could later face charges of credit card fraud if you lie about your background while filling out the application.


Step 1

Obtain a copy of your credit report from It is the only website endorsed by the Federal Trade Commission for issuing free credit reports under guidelines of the Fair Credit reporting Act. Free credit reports from major credit bureaus TransUnion, Equifax and Experian are available from the site once per year.


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Step 2

Correct mistakes to your credit report by contacting creditors directly or issuing disputes through the credit bureaus. Read the credit report to find information on disputing through the credit bureaus. Reviewing your credit report before filling out the credit card application is important because your answers on the application should match up against information in your credit report.


Step 3

Answer every question in the credit application. Do not inflate your salary or lie or mislead about your employment or living conditions, such as if you rent, own or live with parents.

Step 4

List income from all recurring sources, such as from your employer, rental properties, pension plans or other investments. Do not include additional income that you do not wish to rely on for making credit card payments. Examples include child support or alimony. If asked for your net pay from an employer, list the amount you receive in your check after deductions such as state and federal taxes and retirement contributions. If asked for the gross pay list your earnings before deductions. Also respond accurately if the application asks if you are paid weekly, biweekly or monthly. List your salary for a calendar year -- before deductions -- if asked for your gross annual salary.




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