How Do I Get My Unclaimed Paychecks From Past Jobs?

If you change jobs, you may have a missing paycheck you never received.

Sometimes when you leave a job, the company issues you a final paycheck that you either forget to pick up or they forget to mail it to you. Every year, the finance department goes through uncashed checks from several years prior and reports them to the government. The government places these uncashed checks into their database to help the owners find them and get their money.


Step 1

Visit a website, such as and the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. These websites allow you to search for money that belongs to you.

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Step 2

Select the state in which your missing check would have been issued. This is the state that would have received the missing money.


Step 3

Enter your first and last name into the search fields. Your last name is required, while your first name is optional. Using only your first initial will help with better results if your name is misspelled in the records.

Step 4

Narrow your search down by city if it is known. In larger businesses with multiple locations, you may not know in which city the check was issued.


Step 5

Select the unclaimed job check that belongs to you and complete the steps to claim your money. In most states, you must fill out a form stating that the money belongs to you and get that form notarized. Check with your state to ensure you follow the proper procedures.