How to Sell a Car Out of State

If you sell your vehicle to a person living out of state, you may have to supply your buyer with documents that your state does not supply. If so, your buyer should know which documents he needs to re-title and register the vehicle. You can contact the out-of-state buyer's motor vehicle department, but you don't have to. Supply your buyer with common title transfer paperwork unless he asks you to complete other documents.


Step 1

Sign your vehicle's title and have additional co-owners do the same. States differ on signature requirements, but if your title offers a section for a notary, have the title notarized once you and any co-owners sign it.

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Step 2

Give your buyer a copy of the vehicle's original lien release if applicable. Many states do not allow title transfers if a lien is listed on a title. If you cannot find your original lien release, contact your previous lender to obtain a new one.


Step 3

Complete a bill of sale for the buyer. Date the document and include all information about the vehicle's sale, such as your contact information, the buyer's information, vehicle information, mileage, selling price and vehicle mileage.


Step 4

Make a copy of the bill of sale so that you and your buyer both have one. Sign both copies and have your buyer do the same.


Step 5

Complete any other forms that your buyer needs for his state motor vehicle department. Make a copy of both sides of your title to retain for your records. Call your state motor vehicle department to find out if you are required to report your vehicle's sale.


Remove your plates from the vehicle before allowing the buyer to take it. Your buyer can arrange for a temporary plate with his own state motor vehicle office or register the vehicle before taking it from you.



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