How Long Do I Have to Have SR22 Insurance in Tennessee?

The state of Tennessee uses the SR22 to ensure that certain drivers remain compliant with the state's financial responsibility laws. If you have been selected to carry this filing, you must secure and maintain the SR22 filing for up to five years.

Financial Responsibility

Tennessee drivers are required to comply with the state's financial responsibility laws in order to maintain their driving and registration privileges. To comply, drivers must maintain continuous auto insurance with bodily injury and property damage limits of at least $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident with $15,000 in property damage, or 25/50/15.


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The state of Tennessee places SR-22 mandates on individuals who have failed to display continuous financial responsibility. Common reasons for this requirement include driving uninsured, driving under the influence and failing to provide proof of insurance upon the request of a law or court official. In addition, Tennessee requires all suspended and revoked drivers to secure an SR-22 filing in order to restore their driving privileges.



Under Tennessee Code, the standard duration of the SR-22 requirement is three years. However, the state reserves the right to extend the SR-22 compliance period when a driver fails to maintain continuous liability coverage under the SR-22 filing. Tennessee drivers also have the right to request relinquishment from the SR-22 requirement after five years, as long as the driver has not been subject to license or registration suspensions, revocations or restrictions throughout the compliance period.




The SR-22 filing can only be issued by an authorized Tennessee auto insurance carrier. This filing is endorsed onto the auto insurance policy. Once in place, the auto insurance carrier notifies the state of Tennessee of the policyholder's financial responsibility compliance. If the auto policy is canceled, the auto insurance carrier will send a cancellation notification to the state. This cancellation is issued regardless of the cancellation reason.



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