How to Renew a Temporary Driving Permit in Ohio

As a new teen driver in Ohio, you can apply for a learner’s driving permit six months before turning 16 years old. The temporary permit is valid for one year. The application process must be started over from the beginning if the permit expires before you meet Ohio’s driver’s education and required supervised driving practice requirements.

Graduated License Law

Ohio has a graduated driver licensing law program for teen drivers, which lets them get experience behind the wheel in different stages. The temporary learner’s permit is the first phase of the three-tier licensing program. It is followed by a probationary license and then, ultimately, a full driver’s license. The first two tiers of the licensing program restrict unsupervised and nighttime driving.

Advancement Requirements

Once you have a learner’s permit for six months, an intermediate, or probationary, license can be acquired if educational and practice requirements have been met. This includes attending 24 hours of classroom instruction and eight hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a certified instructor. Additionally, you must complete 50 hours of supervised driving with a parent or legal guardian, 10 hours of which should occur at night.

Renewal Process

The initial application process needs to be repeated to renew a learner’s permit in Ohio. This includes showing the proper forms of identification and documentation to prove your age and U.S. citizenship, such as a birth certificate or passport. You are also required to present your Social Security card, along with documents that prove Ohio residency. School records are acceptable. The written knowledge test and eye exam must be retaken and the learner’s permit fee is again applicable.

Carried Over

The initial six-month holding phase does not have to be repeated with a renewed learner’s permit. If the educational and practice requirements are met in less than six months, a probationary license can be obtained. Additionally, any driver’s education or practice hours already finished will also carry over to the renewed learner’s permit. For example, if you had 20 hours of supervised driving completed before renewing the permit, then only 30 more practice hours remain.